Blue Casablanca Rug

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This beautiful lightweight rug elevates any space including an entranceway, living area, bedroom, bathroom or kids’ room. The Casablanca Rug features an intricate black and soft green print on cotton, giving an uplifting dash of pattern to the floor.

The Casablanca Rug also easily transforms a picnic or outdoor space into a luxurious Bohemian style sanctuary, making it an event planner or wedding stylist’s dream. Please note that they are not designed to be left outside over time, as fading may occur.

Material: 100% Cotton


Small 800 x 1200mm

Large 1200 x 1800mm


**At Maa Interiors, we source bespoke items made from reclaimed timbers and vintage materials. As each vintage piece is unique it will feature its own individual characteristics.

Please contact us for further details or imagery.**